Hey guys!
An intense study period of 175% rate has made me do some changes to the radio show I host at House Nation Toronto. Instead of a weekly 1 hour show, the new format will be a 2 hour monthly show. It’ll focus a bit more on new music, but will still be multi-genre.

I’m working hard for the next year to finally get my masters degree, and this new set up will let me keep doing the show with a bit more ease. I love doing the show and I don’t want to sacrifice it. As a matter of fact, I just recorded the first “new” episode with this format! It’s out now on mixcloud, but of course it will keep playing on HNT radio as well. Hit the player below to check it out!

I also did some new artwork for the show. How do you guys like it?

Aurora club v2I opted for a more minimalistic/futuristic design. Picture is originally from the free stock photo database Pexels – I recommend it a lot if you need high quality stock photos that are 100% FREE. 

I’m also planning to put a bit more effort into posting things to my artist page on FB. So that’s it for this update. See you in the mix!

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