Von Dolph is an up and coming half Swedish, half American DJ residing in northern Sweden. He is a multi-genre DJ who can bring his creative spirit to lift any dance floor.

Current residencies

  • Head DJ at Creative Beauty (popular beauty salon)
  • Hosts a weekly 1 hour music show on House Nation Toronto Thursdays 7 pm EST

Aurora club_

Gear skills

He can play and perform on most standard club gear, and also has experience using controllers. His private controller is a Pioneer DDJ-RR and in the past he has owned a Traktor Control S4 and a Pioneer Aero. Being a person who loves to push his limits and constantly evolve to add new skills, he recently ordered a pair of turntables to add DVS to his home set up.

Personal history and musical influences 

After receiving his graduation diploma from Royal DJ Academy in Rhodes, Greece in the summer of 2016, he went to work on improving his technique, gaining experience and reading the crowd.

During his first DJ year, the hungry newcomer already played at a festival and landed a residency spot at a beauty salon.

Coming from a musically interested and encouraging family, he played drums until the age of 15. His personal music taste is very wide but he has a soft spot for funky bass lines, great vocals and melodies. His favorite genres are R&B, house, trap and reggaeton. He has been collecting music for his personal library since a very young age – tirelessly searching the early internet for unique remixes in front of his parents computer before his teens.  His aspiration as a DJ is to be known for playing multi-genre sets with great mixing that captivates his audience with a unique and personal twist.

Although just recently becoming a DJ, he is no newbie to the club industry.  Having worked as a bartender and bar manager for over 16 years in 8 different countries, he has witnessed thousands of DJ gigs during his shifts in the bar and has build a broad understanding of the night life industry – an experience he brings to the DJ booth.

Online presence



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