Easter 2018 short moombahton mix

Made a short mix of a few of my favorite moombahton tracks. Enjoy!


8 Club mixes of popular tunes

A 28 minute mix of songs I’ve played during gigs.


Club X festival set

This is the set I played at my first festival (Club X). We were 6 DJ’s and each of us had a 30 minute time slot. Music choice was completely free and all of us focused on different genres. I chose to play moombahton which is a personal favorite! The mix is the live recording of the final rehearsal i did at home before going to the festival.


Live set from a baseball game for international students

Live recording from a gig playing outdoors for international exchange students participating in a baseball game. This set contains varying genres and styles, and lots of international music to cater to the tastes of students from different countries and cultures.

It’s largely improvised, sync button was never used, and I did my best to select tracks that were loaded with melody, positive energy and got people in a good mood!